The largest HR Service Portal nationwide— just unveiled Talent Demands Report Q2 2015, which claims that the “Internet+” are becoming an opportunity and a challenge to a variety of industries.


2015 college graduates' starting salary rises more than corporate employees'

On one hand, college graduates of 2015 grumble about "the difficulties of finding a job". On the other hand, they tend not to succumb to unideal job opportunities.

First-tier cities' talent gap is surging, and the Internet Industry hunts for more talents

3.5 million positions had been posted on from Feb 25 to Mar 3, which exceeds last year's numberby 23% and creates the new record.

Onward march of the Chinese sea turtles amid tough times

China's labor market in recent years has been tough for new graduates, and experts say a degree from a foreign university does not guarantee a better job.

Demand for interns grows, and interns from the college earn 61~100 RMB/day

Today’s college students start planning their careers early and engage in social practices during holidays or in spare time, which could make it more likely for them to get desirable jobs.

High consumption, heavy responsibility and great contribution to economy

Although most women earn less than their husband, they contribute more to facilitate Chinese economy than men.

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