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  Post-1990 generation picky about jobs: research

The post-1990 generation is more likely to hold high expectations in finding jobs, a recent research showed. The young generation shows a different attitude, which makes them more frequently miss a job interview, turn down offers and have no qualms about quitting if the work is not to their taste.

  We are Hiring--But Not You!
Millions of China's university graduates will be on the market, but many without the right skills. Companies are hiring, BUT NOT THEM. The education ministry is going to change 600 of China's colleges into vocational schools. Will that solve the imbalance in the job market?
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  Speak Up, Seek Help
Kathleen Chien(COO, 51job): To some degrees, it’s a natural attrition process. There are a number of high performing female workers and executives that leave the workplace to become full-time housewives and Moms by choice. So we lose out on keeping them in the workplace.
  Successful Working Parents Reaching A Work-Life Balance
The stress of juggling childrearing responsibilities with the demands of work takes a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives. Here are the five things many parents give up to achieve a successful work-life balance.
  Tips for Staying Productive at Work through the Bleak Winter
You might be more tired than usual, less active or unmotivated and your level of productivity on the bleak winter in the office may decline significantly. Here are 12 tips for staying productive at work through these months.
  Counting Cost of Sending Children to Overseas Universities
Jack Ma, one of China’s best-known entrepreneurs, thinks business success in China has nothing to do with prestigious foreign degrees: “When you want to judge whether a person is excellent or not don’t look at whether they went to Harvard or Stanford,” he is famous for saying.
  Key Words for 2013 HRM Awards
The core competitiveness of the 100 Best HRM Companies comes from advanced technology and product innovation, which enables employers to be open-minded to understand differentiated career goals of employees while promoting the company’s development by satisfying employees’ needs.
  HR Compentency Survey
Over the last 25 years, HR evolved to become a more global profession. Fanning reports nine characteris­tics of a profession: Governing body: A profession has an accepted governing body or association. Certification, education, and training: The governing body defines expectations for professionals.
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